1. I finally bought an A3 printer for transparencies. It’s bigger than I thought, but the output is awesome. 

    Gonna have some deals on posters and stickers soon.


  2. Filmed a music video yesterday. Here’s some behind the scenes snaps by @gmok. Should have some behind the scenes video soon. 


  3. trademarkmerchandise:

    Our website has been experiencing some downtime recently as we changed the layout and look of our front page. We’ve made it easier to find the products and information on our website as well as adding some new products! To celebrate we’re offering discount codes over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 


    Anyone who needs hand-printed merch, check out the new site and go hunt down some discount codes!


  4. trademarkmerchandise:


    Every Friday we’re giving away a free Trademark Tee to one lucky person on Facebook. To enter all you have to do is like the photo posted on our Facebook page before midnight tonight.

    Click here to enter


    Giving more free stuff away because it’s Friday….


  5. Warming up to a new piece with some doodles.


  6. trademarkmerchandise:

    When we reach 50 followers on Twitter we’re gonna add more products to our pre-launch super-saver sale! Tote-bags, hoodies, women’s tees and posters are all in the pipeline, but first we need more followers, Re-Tweets, Facebook-ings and tumblrerers.

    Re-blog and follow us on Twitter!


  7. trademarkmerchandise:

    Our website is live!


    And with that Trademark Merchandise has been born into this world. Although we’re just taking our first baby steps we can’t wait to start giving you guys the best deals on customised merchandise, so over the coming weeks we’ll be running a soft-launch period with prices lower than you’ll find anywhere else on a small range of products.

    As time passes we’ll offer more and more products at our special discount prices. You can follow us on twitter to keep up to date with our latest offers.

    When this soft-launch period is over and we get into our moody teenage phase, these prices will be no more! So send your artwork over to info[at]trademarkmerchandise[dot]co[dot]uk now for a free quote and digital sample.


    Hey look everyone, I started a merch company!

    Just finished off the website and I’m ready to take orders on eco-friendly, super-cheap, custom merchandise!

    So go take a look, follow us on Twitter, reblog this post and tell everyone you know.

    I’ll be adding some more products over the next few weeks and giving loads of awesome stuff away, so watch this space.


  8. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good.


  9. Keep smiling.




  12. Progress. Slow, sweaty progress.


  13. This weeks drawing.



  15. Drink Coke.